Beads - is it clipping?

Hi everybody,

got my beads for some time, having a lot of fun with it, but it looks it “clips” almost all the time when using autogain.

I can reproduce this using rings for example, even with only the dry signal.
it may be something else than clipping, I’ll look at the scope to see if it’s really the case.
With manual gain, it’s a bit better anyway.

Is anyone having a list of the 23 fixes ? does there is anything about it ? If not, I’ll describe in a bit more detailed way how to reproduce it. (marbes → rings → beads is enough).
it’s not the cracking sound on the left channel, neither the 4k noise, but something distinct.

Kind Regards.


No, I haven’t changed anything related to gain staging.

If the signal has higher peaks than in the first 5s, the input limiter will often be active, and it’ll take more time to adjust the level. Its response is fast, but not instantaneous, and it can cause distorted transients.

You can post an audio clip (in a lossless format if possible).

thanks, it will take a bit of time, but will do this.