Beads - gap whilst changing Recording Quality

While I am somewhat convinced that the following behaviour is normal, would someone be so kind as to confirm that, when changing the Recording Quality of Beads from one setting to another, there is a gap/pause in the audio output while the module realigns itself to the selected settings? This is what I am experiencing, and would appreciate some confirmation that it is indeed normal behaviour.

Many thanks!

Yes, this is normal.

Remember that unlike in Clouds, these settings are not purely software settings, they also affect how the hardware operates (change of clock speed and mode for the codec).


Another thing worth mentioning is that changing this setting erases the buffer. If TIME is set to a long interval (ie, if the play head is far away from the record head), it’ll take time for the buffer to fill and the first grains to be heard.


Thanks for the additional information!

thanks for the awesome information.