Beads - firmware update, release candidate

No, the module isn’t sentient enough to go “ahh I don’t know what audio to play” :wink:

Can you please post a video of the problem? I’ll try to reproduce it!

Has anyone else observed something similar?

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I’ll record something today and post here.

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Hi everyone, I’m new to Mutable Instruments so this might be a really dumb question:
I see that this firmware update is labeled “Release Candidate”, is this like a “beta” version of the update for testing or is it a “Release release” (as in an “official firmware update” - sorry I can’t really find the proper term)?
I hope this question is not too stupid, I just want to make sure that I flash the module with a safe update :slight_smile:
Thank you again for all the hard work!

Release candidate as in: “this file will become the official release file unless anyone reports something that will need to be addressed urgently”.

If any of the improvements listed above are important to you, you can upgrade!

Note that if you received the module in the past few weeks, it already contains all these fixes/improvements.

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Thanks for the info! Will try to update tonight then :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! Great QOL update. Clipping features are super exciting.

Is there a way to verify which firmware my Beads has?

The easiest thing to check is the central LED: if it never blinks, it’s the February 2020 firmware (and you can update with the file posted here). If it fades out when the buffer wraps around (every 4 second in the high quality, stereo mode), then this is this newer version and you don’t have to install anything.


That would be so useful, great idea.

hello, i have an issue with updating firmware/bricked module. i guess i am doing all according instructions - turning module when freeze button pushed → freeze and seed leds are flashing alternately. playing firmware wav (tried three different devices/cables) → led is indicating yellow level and seed/freeze leds are flashing very fast. it seems flashing procedure is finished a little before end of track (around 4:04), module is probably trying to reboot (from about 4:04 seed and freeze leds are shortly blinking alternately again) but it always ends with only freeze led still lit on and nonreacting. after hard reset quality led is bright white but nothing else except it is possible to return to update firmware mode when turning module on with freeze button pressed? anone had this issues/any advices?

Send an email to with the serial number on the back of your module.

Does the OP here contain the latest and greatest Beads .wav firmware update file?

I think the file in the openings post is still the latest right?

Yes, that’s the file installed on all modules since the second batch (shipped in May 2021 and later).

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Hi, I had the same problem that I found in the " Beads constant high pitched noise on outputs" discussion. The firmware update didn’t work for me. Should I post my issue here or in an email? Best, Veith

Does it mean you couldn’t perform the update or that the issue remained after you tried updating?

What is the serial number of your module?

Actually both. After playing the firmware onto beads the module doesn’t want to receive sound. The sound is gone though. The SNr. is TME 21 08 0917(X) with a x drawer at the end.

After trying to install the firmware twice it still doesn’t work. It also didn’t “restart”. After turing the rack on an of this lights are on and nothing happens: