Beads - firmware update, release candidate

Oh my goodness.

It’s been said many times before but deserves repeating. @pichenettes your attention to detail and dedication to support is absolutely astounding. Yes some are bug fixes but the little details in these fixes that result in improvements (smaller grain sizes etc) plus the new stuff, as @erstlaub puts it, are [chef’s kiss].


Wow, now that’s not just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, that’s rebuilding the whole pen :slight_smile:
Do we need to re-calibrate the unit after the firmware upgrade?

No! Never with Mutable Instruments’ official releases!


Thanks! Excited to try the new firmware later today.

Wonderful update!

I like to do gated reverb shots, unfortunately by controlling the send instead of the wet you get the tail which softens this effect. For the rest of applications I agree is better though.

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Thank you for this! :grinning:

I can confirm that the issue I had when posting Beads constant high pitched noise on outputs is now completely gone! No more high frequency spikes, in fact no more noise at all.

Also the bonus features and updates are very nice indeed! I especially like the reverb tail naturally decaying when quickly turning the reverb knob CCW.

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Happy dance! I’m really glad that the software fix worked, because the hardware fix would have required something like 1000µF of capacitors. :rofl: The back of the board would have been littered with tiny metal cans…


Perennial awesomeness from the high priestess @ mutable.

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Thank u so much! So exited about this!

Awesome!!! :clap::sunglasses:

You bring joy wherever you go. Thank you for this.

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i posted this of muffs, but figured it would be best to share here in case i found a quirk in the update process. after 6 or 7 unsuccessful update attempts, i got a completed update after pressing FREEZE again before playing the audio, a second quick press after from holding it on power up. the buttons alternated more quickly, but the module reset after the file finished playing, whereas before it would stay in the loading state.

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Thank you so much, this is great!

Updating went great, but I used 1010Music BitBox to play the WAV into the module. Works all the time, even with old Clouds, Stages and Warps. Using a tablet, iPad or PC can be a nightmare but - in the end - it will work. Did not find any issues so far, but I am still going through the release notes. I can’t believe how much work went into this update. Big thanks.

I went iphone > Ears > Beads, updated with no issues on first try.


What is the easiest way to tell which firmware is installed? Pretty sure my update worked but i want to be sure.

Check for this:


Update successful!
Thanks so much.

Thank you Emilie, this is great!
Was able to update first try, no issues straight my cell phone with Time knob and phone turned all the way up

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Oh wow, so many new features!

Awesome work, I can’t believe it’s getting better than it already was!