Beads distorting

Hello! I picked up Beads a while ago now and I’m loving it! I’m using it on an fx loop on my interface (Fireface UC), and using a BoredBrain INTRFX to help with level conversion between the module and the interface. I have a second FX loop which I have a a few pedals on (Juliana, Eccos, Empress reverb). Typically I send signals from my DAW out into beads, back into DAW, out into pedals and back in. When I have the INTRFX on 100% dry (bypassing beads) the signal is fine, but when I pass it through beads it gets a little hot and starts to clip. I tried using the automatic level adjustment on Beads but generally that just seems to boost the signal/make it clip more. Any thoughts on what’s going on would be greatly appreciated, pic attached below of pedal board (the Peterson Preamp is separate to the two FX loops).

I would recommend using a passive attenuator – there are many devices out there that can’t handle modular level signals.

Hi, thanks for the speedy reply! That’s kind of what the INTRFX was supposed to be for, stepping modular level down to line level, you think I need something else to calm it down more?

I don’t know what’s this product does exactly. Is it passive? Is it active? And if it’s active, what is the maximum input voltage it can accept? Can you adjust its gain?

Here’s a link to the page:

I have the V1, the major difference being level conversion is +/-9 dB, not 12.

Theres no gain adjustment on it, other than dry/wet adjustment.

Maybe it doesn’t provide enough attenuation then?

What if you set the gain manually on Beads to a lower value?

Beads’ maximum output level is 23Vpp. Attenuated by 9dB, that’s 8.1Vpp, which could still cause clipping for some pedals.

Ahhh you know, I totally forgot you could manually adjust beads’ gain. I’ll do that :blush: also adjusting the input send level helps also. Thanks for your thoughts, and for the weird noise maker!

Out of curiosity does the manual gain adjustment on beads go from +0 to +32 dB like the auto gain function or is it a smaller range?

That’s the same range, with a quartic response!

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