Beads diffuser?

Is there anything like the Texture knob past 2 o’clock on Beads? I really liked that smear function on Clouds so I was just curious. I know before 2 o’clock the Texture knob is similar to the new Shape knob so I just thought I’d ask. Thanks.


No, the diffuser is no longer there.

Thanks. Any idea how difficult it would be to sort of drop the code in there to make the shape knob behave like the Texture knob did after 2 o’clock? Is it worth me playing around with (assuming the code has been released for Beads at this point) or would it be a huge rework and not as simple as cutting and pasting a function in and then changing the knob behavior?

I don’t think it will be too hard (you’ll have to clip the envelope shape parameter internally so that it never reaches the reverse shape, add the diffuser in the signal chain, and remove 4 or 5 grains of polyphony to allocate CPU to the diffuser). Beads’ code and hardware description files won’t be released before 2022.


Thanks. Maybe I’ll play around with it once it’s released then. Thanks for letting me know the basics of what would need to get done. In the meantime I can at least have a look at the Clouds code. Beads is of course fantastic as is and this would be more just for fun to see how the diffuser would sound/work with Beads. I know it’s not meant to be identical to Clouds and instead is more of a distillation or spiritual successor. I never expected every feature to make it on to the new one. That would have been kind of boring actually if it was just an ‘everything plus kind of thing’ instead of an evolution. Anyway, thanks!

@pichenettes/ Emilie. Is there any chance of you adding the diffuser back in before then? It is a major factor in that ‘Clouds’ sound that people love. I want that sound, but really don’t want to buy a clone just for that. Thanks :smiley:


It was a deliberate decision to remove this feature, and the UI of the module has been thought with that decision in mind. In particular, the concept of attenuverter works best when the envelope shape knob controls only the envelope shape.

If I had to add a diffuser in Beads, the most logical thing would be to give it an independent knob (or combo to adjust it with a knob). But Beads will have no further additional feature that will require a button combo.

Given how easy it is to add this feature, it won’t be hard for it to be implemented in an alternative firmware I am sure. On my side, I won’t officially support something that doesn’t match the manual, and/or labels on the panel, and/or requires a button combo.


This is understandable! However, a quick scan of internet resources shows plenty of used original MI Clouds for sale, many in excellent condition and the prices are close to the original retail price; maybe you can get the Clouds features without going over to the dark side of clone world. You would not be alone in having both Beads and Clouds! :stuck_out_tongue:


Problem is I have no more room in my case (first world problem), so it would have to be Beads or Clouds. I do have Arbhar, so not really sure if I need either, but the different UIs (Arbhar/Beads) means that I stumble upon different happy accidents :smiley:

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