Beads delay volume acting weird [Fixed]

Hey there!

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but I feel my Beads is acting a bit weird when I’m using it in delay mode.

Whenever I set Size to infinity to go into delay, the volume of the repeats goes so low it’s almost inaudible. And if I nudge Size back to be granular, the volume of the grains goes back up and can be heard as normal.

I’ve been using Beads in delay mode a lot and haven’t had this problem before. The setup I’m using to test this is very straight forward. Rings going into Beads, which is being clocked by Pamelas and then going out to a VCA.

I already tried messing around with manual and automatic gain adjustment and the delay level keeps being super low compared to the original signal, even at 100% wet.

Can someone help me with this? I hope this is just something really dumb that I’m overlooking.

What is the position of the attenurandomizers? Could it be that the SIZE attenurandomizer (which is repurposed as a filter in delay mode) is away from 12 o’clock?


Yes, that was it!

I totally missed the fact that the size attenurandomizer acted as a filter on this mode.
Thanks a lot! I’m so glad it was just something I was overlooking <3

Now back to bleep blooping, thanks!

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