Beads' clipping / distortion

hello i have a similar problem with my beads,
i put an sine wave directly in the beads , i adjust the gain level manually but the level is too high and i have a saturation whith white noise, not beautiful…
and the worst when i don’t connect jack for having wavetable oscillator, the sound is very degradded when i use the reverb, i have big sound distortion principaly with reverb.
i dont’ know if the problem come from my module? or my usage, i search without solution…

Do you mean that the input signal is too high and that Beads clips no matter what? Or that the output signal is too high and it causes clipping with whatever device Beads is connected to?

Can you post recordings or videos?

What is your signal chain exactly?

Hello Émilie, Thks for your answer and réactivity

  1. My input gain signal is too high, and beads clips sound even if I use the manual gain, it’s ok if I use vca for atenuation of the vco signal before input beads ans if I turn maximum 1/4 the feedback/gain knob. It’s normal ?

  2. For the internal wavetable oscillator without reverb it’s ok but if I add the beads reverb the out signal is distorded, white noise etc… I’ll try to make vidéo


  1. Which VCO is that? For modular level signals, you need to turn the manual gain (as adjusted with the feedback knob) fully counter clockwise.

  2. To which module are you connecting Beads’ output?

  1. A “diy” made by professionnal , a sinewave vco directly to the beads trig by the marble :wink:

  2. The out going to octatrack mono input i use as a mixer

Can you ask this person what is the output level (Vpp)?

The octatrack probably doesn’t accept modular level signals. Have you tried attenuating the signal before connecting it to the octatrack?

I’ll demand to the professional no problem,
If I understand my beads have no problèm it’s certainly my other material and level to adjust before input abd After output. It’s reassuring

I can’t tell for the VCO for sure, but it’s reasonable to assume that a piece of equipment designed to accept line level signals will clip and distort when receiving modular level signals. Audio interfaces and mixers are usually more tolerant, but even on those, the gain has to be set to the minimum when inputting a modular level signal.

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As an Octatrack user I’d like to add that many people (including myself) have found it fine to use with modular directly. However, a lot of things can easily contribute to it distorting a modular signal.

From the video above, it looks like the regular 10Vpp signal generated by the module in wavetable mode is just fine for the Octatrack, but that adding the reverb is just enough to push it to clip. It is plausible that with the lowest gain setting on the Octatrack, 10Vpp (“nominal” Eurorack levels) would be okay, but anything a little above that would cause clipping. A simple experiment to confirm that: attenuate the signal from Beads a little before it goes into the Octatrack.

Hello, i’m return with good news, in fact with attenuator before input in octatrack there are no clips with reverb at max, i’m so happy i progress with my modular and your work is so inspiring, many thanks for your disponibility and réactivity.

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Dear Émilie!

I bought my Beads in the first line and after the firmwave update I didn’t had this problem - but very strangely it just appeared again out of the blue.

Symptoms: crackling popping noise on the left channel, only in bright digital mode. If I decrease the gain of the input signal, the popping become less frequent (weird), but never vanishes (even when the signal is at some super low gain level).

Should I try to reinstall the firmware?


No, don’t do that. The firmware doesn’t magically downgrade itself :slight_smile:

Can you post a video or audio recording to

All righty :slight_smile:

Thank you Émilie!