Beads clicking when sync present?

Can someone test this for me please. I’m getting bad clicks when set to external sead. Like the sample is looping but not zero-crossed. Nothing else used. Knob positions as photo. The click goes away once I remove the Seed sync cable.

beads clicky.mp3

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Ive confirmed with @wickfut that I’m getting the same results as them.

The module doesn’t do any transient or zero-crossing detection, and reacts directly to the signals it receives. Depending on the timing of the SEED and FREEZE signals, this can cause it to loop right in the middle of a transient.

This click appears whenever I use the Seed input. So the solution is don’t use the Seed input?

Maybe I’m not hearing the same thing then.

It sounds like a record scratch , a sharp click. You can hear it more once I transpose the audio down at 16 seconds in. It isn’t in time with the sample. It’s in time with the sync.


First is no clock in SEED input. Next clock in SEED input (and a tad wetter). Next taken out and manually tap SEED.

I’ve recorded with a different sample and EQ’d out everything other than the click.

Alright, this is what I was talking about in the other thread. Try time ccw and see if it goes away. That seemed to work for me

Nothing makes it go away with a Seed input. Moving the time knob or externally controlling time makes it worse.

Removing the Seed input it happens when I move the Time knob or externally control it.

Ah hmm well shoot, I thought I was experience this exact thing and that fixed it

I’ll have a look, it seems to happen when the spacing between the clock ticks is not perfectly identical but with only a small deviation, causing the delay time/slice time to be readjusted. This would explain why it doesn’t happen with the internal clock, which is always perfectly regular.


Thank you.

I was using a Korg SQ1 to quickly sequence. Just tried it with an Oberkorn mk3 and square LFO, it’s the same.

Edit: Further fiddling. It clicks with when the Time knob is moved on all settings in connection with Seed - with no seed input, when the audio sample length overlaps. Didn’t once the sample was reversed for some odd reason.

So just a note on this (maybe a feature request which you can definitely feel free to ignore).

It seems like modulating time changes the timing phase relationship of the repeats to the initial hit, which I personally think is a cool effect when it changes (you can go from getting what sounds like quarter note repeats, to triplet, to very close but not quite in-time comb-filtering type stuff), but you end up getting clicks as time is modulated (either with internal randomization, sending external cv, turning the knob). If whatever is done to stop clicking on micro-timing discrepancies with external clock syncing also made clicks go away with modulating time in delay mode, that would be pretty slick, imo.

Abrupt play-head jumps fixed in the firmware update!