Beads Behaviour on Power Up


I’m new to the Mutable World having just received Beads from Juno in the UK. On power up I get alternate flashing SEED and FREEZE lights. The only thing I could find from a web search was something linked to update process. When I connect and audio signal to one of the ins, this changes to seed and Freeze flashing together along with all the other lights on the module. After multiple restarts, perhaps 10 it is finally operating as I would expect. Same thing two nights in a row.

Can anyone point me at the reason for this behaviour? How do I avoid or fix it?

The FREEZE button was probably jammed. If this button is pressed (or stuck!) the module will power on in firmware update mode.

Try pressing the button repeatedly, maybe it’s as simple as a tiny asperity or bit of plastic on the side of the button blocking it.


Thank you. I will actuate!

That looks to have fixed it. Thank you :slight_smile: