Beads beep


i got a beads recently and really love it together with rings. But every now and then there is a short beep sound. Same time all other output is silenced but quickly comes back when the beep sound ends. It mostly appears when there is some modulation going on or when turning on the knobs.

Is it possible that at some point with a special combination of settings the dsp is overloading and making this beep sound?
Or any other idea where this can come from and how i can avoid this state?

I post a short recording where Beads is self-modulating and making this beep sound. (3.6 MB)


Are you pressing a button when it happens? It looks like the temporary pause that happens when the settings are being saved to flash.

No, did not press any button. I think it happens more often when the buffer is freezed.

I’ll investigate! Any information as to how to reproduce this consistently will obviously be highly appreciated!

Unfortunately i could not find any way to reproduce it consistently yet. But i’ll try more and let you know as soon as I find out anything. Is it right that it is very unlikely to be a hardware issue?

Hard to say… I would say, that it’s more likely to be a tricky software bug - a task taking an unexpectedly long time to complete and preventing audio rendering to occur (or an IRQ priority thing), but which, for some reasons, appear only on certain units. My development unit must have clocked 1000 hrs of test and I’ve never heard it.

I’ve also experienced that beep several times. I guess it happened during the freeze. I can’t reproduce it, the beep doesn’t happen too often.

I did some more testing in detail and i think i found a way to reproduce it.
I’m using a slow bipolar lfo from tides trough veils into the freeze input of beads.
So beads should freeze as soon as the lfo reaches the trigger level and should unfreeze as soon as the lfo falls below this trigger level.
Veils is set in linear mode with the fader halfway up. So the lfo should be attenuated to around 50% when going into the freeze input.
The beep apears twice when the lfo falls down from maybe around +3V to 0V. First beep is around 2V and second is little before it hits 0V. But hard to tell only from LED intensity. The lfo is really slow, around 20s/period. I hope this helps.

edit.: When the first beep appears the freeze led gets darker until the second beep appears. Then the led turns off.
When i manually freeze beads the freeze led also gets darker after a few seconds. Shortly after that the beep also appears sometimes.

Looks like it might be related to the background saving of the FREEZE buffer, when the module saves the flag indicating whether the module will boot with an empty buffer, or will reload the saved buffer.

Where you able to reproduce the issue yet?

I can only reproduce it in the white quality mode, but there the beep appears every time or every second time i freeze the buffer, which made me not using the white mode anymore because it really gets annoying.

This has been to be confirmed to be a Flash memory write timing issue which occurs during the background saving of the FREEZE buffer (ie, in the 10 to 25 seconds that follow FREEZE having been engaged without interruption). The characteristics of the Flash memory vary slightly from unit to unit, which explains why this went undetected during development.

This will be solved by a firmware update.

Temporary workaround: disable auto-saving of the FREEZE buffer by holding [M] and pressing [B].

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Thanks so much for the workaround.
I now used it several hours with buffer saving deactivated and no beep sound anymore, but so many lovely soundscapes.
Marbles into Rings into Beads is like meditation. :heart_eyes:

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