Beads attenurandomizers independent?

First of all: Hello everybody and happy birthday, Emilie!

I’d like to know, if Beads attenurandomizers really do work independently?
Sorry, if the question has already popped up. So far I only found this quotation and I’m not sure, if I understood it correctly:

“Built-in randomization of grain parameters is there to ensure you won’t infuriate the spirit of Xenakis. With some nice Marble-ish work in software to get the right kind of distributions (and certainly not the same white noise source lazily fed to all the CV inputs…)”

This means, that each attenurandomizer in Beads uses it’s own source of randomness independent of the others, right?

All the best, Randulph


Thanks! So to couple e.g. Time and Pitch I need to use external CV.

Yes, if you want random, but coupled change of these parameters, you need to use a mult and feed the same random source to both.