Beads as delay - TIME control question

I’m still learning how to Bead and have a quick question. The manual says:

“When FREEZE is not engaged, Beads operates as a delay. The TIME knob selects the actual delay time, as a multiple of the base delay time (…)”

What is the range of multiplication by turning TIME CCW to CW? Does it use integer multiples only? Is it dependent on the DENSITY setting? I imagine that the delay time (= base delay * multiple) can never exceed the buffer length.

1 to 16, integer only.

DENSITY sets the base delay time, TIME multiplies it. The multiplier selected by TIME remains an integer from 1 to 16.

You’re right about that!

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Thank you!
Does it mean that when DENSITY is set at noon (base delay = full buffer) you can extend the delay to 16x the buffer length (e.g. 16x 32 sec > 8minutes in Scorched cassette mode)?

See this:

The delay time cannot exceed the buffer length - if the product of the multiplier set by TIME, and the base duration set by DENSITY exceeds the buffer duration, then the buffer duration is used as a delay time.

If there was enough memory to store 16 times more audio data, I would have made good use of that :smiley: !

Thanks again, Emilie - I didn’t read your answer carefully enaugh. :wink:

P.S. I feel that a fully-featured audio looper is something that’s currently missing in the eurorack world. Such a module (with some of your clever innovations) might be a great addition to the Mutable Instruments range in the future :slight_smile: