Beads and 4ms POD (32hp powered)

Heyo, recently got a Beads and loving it - but have some pains that i hope to debug.

I got it new from Schneider’s and figured it wasn’t updated (the Assign + Freeze wasn’t toggling autosave as mentioned in the firmware candidate thread so decided to update it).
I keep it in a 4ms 32x pod powered by a generic Phihong 15v 1.0 A adapter (model: PSA15R-150P) at the moment and it worked fine before the firmware update (which took about 20 tries using an output from a Sleepers ES-3 playing the wav from Ableton - which is the usual way I update and flash Mutable modules and have had 0 issues until now). After it finally worked, i was able to unplug and plug the POD and play with Beads but just now it booted into a single white light on the density - similar to how it behaves if the firmware didn’t reboot correctly and you manually reboot it. If you hold down Freeze then it goes into firmware upload mode.
I am wondering if the POD is the issue here or unplugging the power is causing the module to corrupt the firmware. Weird edge case but maybe a simple solution. Will try it in a regular rack and update the thread.

Can you please give me the serial number on the back of the module?

TME 21 08 1009 and theres an X
pcb says 2020 v5

Hi all. For conclusion’s sake here is how I solved the particular issue with my module with a bit of guidance from Émilie.

Do the firmware update process as usual - I tried different setups but in the end used the one that always worked in the past - es3 playing the wav from ableton (no warping and totally dry).
When the module finally gets the fw correctly, you might end up with a white led for buffer lit up. Pressing Freeze will make the module go back to fw upload mode. Press and Hold Seed instead and you’ll be done with the update.
Manually rebooting the module after the white led is lit up after the FW update in my case was not the way to go.
In case something weird happens I’ll update the thread but so far it’s working beyond well.