Beads all lights blinking - no idea how to reset

Hi ,

I recently received Beads but now it is behaving quite strangely.

It’s still got some sound left in the buffer but when I turn it on all lights are blinking quite fast (freeze and seed, but also the different other indicators) and the recording quality colours cycle continuously.

I finally got it out of that cycle by unplugging everything and rebooting a number of times but I was quite surprised and did not found any answer in the manual.

Does anyone have an idea what is going on?



  1. Did it always behave that way?

  2. Can you try powering it on with the SEED button pressed?

  3. What is the serial number on the back of the module?

No, it behaved just fine after installation. This was maybe my 5th session I intended to use it in.
Took out all the cables (incl output) and after 3 power downs it started up normally again.

I’ll see if I can recreate (should have filmed it) and unscrew it to give you a serial. Are there any known problematic ones?

I know what it is - this is what happens when the module has been freshly programmed but not calibrated, or when the flash memory is corrupted and the module cannot retrieve any calibration data. I’m curious about the serial number because I have personally tested all modules from the previous batch. The best is to contact support@mutable-instruments - I think I’d rather directly have a look at the module to figure out what went wrong.

I have sent an email to the address above (I presume it’s a .com as the address is not complete in the text above).

Picture of the serial:


Thanks, because after a good 3 minutes of selecting all the buses, then the cars, then the bicycles, then the buses again, I still haven’t gotten through your verification system. I’ll just forward the original mail to this address. But someone should really check that system at some point…

Hmmm… what are you talking about?

The reCaptcha system you need to use in order to verify you are not a bot is rather convoluted when you use the sites’ support form. I literally got stuck for a few minutes, then got booted out.

This one:

Ah, I see! I wasn’t aware that Formspree put this protection in place. I’ll disable it and see what kind of spam comes in!

Let me know if you have the mail. I think the module is behaving normally again for now, but I have no idea what caused is, nor what happened that made it revert to normal behaviour.

If you need it sent over, let me know how. It was purchased online through Schneidersladen, and when it functions as expected it’s great :wink:

The same thing just happened to me. I started my system today and Beads begins with the freeze and seed lights flashing really fast and then all lights flash simultaneously in a moderate tempo. I’ll film it and also try restarting holding down seed.

Holding seed during power on resulted in the freeze and seed light simply flashing repeatedly in a ping pong manner but then not progressing to all lights flashing. I did a few more power down and ups and it’s back to normal for now. I’ll get the serial number and email support.

Same thing seems to be happening to me. On startup the Seedled, inputled, Drywetle, and quality led are blinking. If I press Seed while booting the freeze and seed knobs blink. I’ll also send a mail.
If anyone knows what to do. Let me know!
Thanks in advance,