Battery problem on APC

This is not Shruti related, but it relates to electronics and music, so I thought I’d post it anyway. maybe some of you experts here can help me…
I made myself an Atari Punk Console, so far it works fine, the only thing I noticed is that the battery get’s empty really fast, even when the device is switched off. I did some troubleshooting, but could not find anything strange… but then I am really only starting to figure out electronics. Is there some advice you could give me, about what to test, what is a common cause of these kind of problems?
thanks a lot!

first, i’m no expert too. my apc doesn’t consume that much power. especially when it’s turned off it shouldn’t eat battery at all. maybe check what actually gets disconnected when switched off. i have both, the 0V and 9V line switched. which design did you build?

sorry, should have mentioned it… I have the 2.0 version from Get-Lofi. I have both a pushbutton and a regular SPDT switch that turns it on.
It’s this version here:
I built it following the instructions and haven’t started yet modding it…

oh cool, how are the get lofi pcbs?
i built mine on perfboard or how it’s called (Lochraster) following some schematics on the apc thread on

The get-lofi pcbs are fine, they are made for on-surface mounting, which is a bit unpractical, since components won’t stay easily in place, but for such a simple device it’s ok.

jeez, i’ve had the same battery in the apc since i built it years ago…hunt around with a multimeter from Vgnd to various points when its switched off and you’ll find your problem pretty quick…

I’ve tried that… but I can’t find anything. It’s all zero no matter what points I touch.