Battery powered small desktop mixer?


Does anybody use or know battery powered small desktop mixer ?

I know there is a beringer on batteries… Didn’t use it

Hello @shiftr

Thanks for the suggestion

I assume that you are referring to this but this is to bulky to my needs.

Something like this?
RCA connectors might be a bit annoying though.

Thanks @elthorno this seems to be out of production but I will check evilbay tonight

As I am looking for a solution to mix my little modular setup with Korg Volca units or Some external FX units with min. foot print and using min. slot on main powerstrip maybe a mixer module will do the work.

I found a nice comparison table for existing or future eurorack mixer modules maybe one of these would be better solution

I have a no-name metal body 4 stereo basic mixer. I just split it into 8 mono.

It is battery operated too. No super quality but it is smaller than an SQ-1

Cool @Varthdader

Where did you find it? Could you give me a clue to track it?

Bought last year in Greece, looks like this one:

You could certainly find better quality choices, and I had to put adapters from 6.3 mono to 3.5 / 3.5 stereo, but it was cheap, and had a battery operation.

I have a very similar one like the one posted by Varthdader, but with 4 mono channels and from another company. The thing is total crap, it runs ok with batteries (though it will stop with no warning once the batteries run low), but if you plug in any 9V PSU it hums and hisses like hell. Had the first one replaced, but the replacement I got was just as bad.
So be aware… there’s a lot of crap around.
On the other hand, if you think you can fix it, you can have it for free, you just need to pay for the shipping.

I have a similar one too, and i have solved the hums problems when i tryed different PSU This one is ok for example

This is the one I use for band practises. It’s ok just to balance levels between a couple of synths, not noisy. But the price on that auction is more or less what it’s worth.

@Lucchio: the funny thing is… the PSU costs almost double of what I paid the mixer! :smiley:
I’m currently planning to replace mine with a very similar one from Behringer.

Yes you’re right, and we must not buy too many 9v batteries ! … this is the same thing as the more expensive ink cartridges that printer ! :slight_smile:

I found out Behringer Xenyx 302 USB powered by USB hence it can be powered by one of these phone battery packs.

It looks like a good option for me

Hmm, I wonder if a simple EQ-less mixer wouldn’t be too hard to DIY. Particularly if it was mono, probably a bit more complex if stereo.

Here are some I found

Gmix - A Kickstarter Project for final product so it’s not %100 DIY ( can not open the companies website anymore )

Smixer Schematics
Mini Mixer

Would love to see a compact, mains/battery powered 8 channel stereo (16 mono) mixer with pan, no eq, and FX send return (stereo), main stereo out in 1/4", all others in 1/8".

Volca size and DIY.

I know it is maybe too much to wish for, and that small Boeringher mixers offer this aside from battery power which is a nice thing to have with all these small battery powered synths. I have a Xenyx 1002 and like it but I had to use adapters for the smaller jacks and have to carry the power adapter.

I bet there´s many here who would love one!

I think , I will settle on this

BMX 6Channel Stereo Mixer DIY

Is it really battery powered?

@pichennetes , No it is not but it will sit on eurorack case and powered by it so at least no additional adapter or cables.

Modulargrid does not list power specs.