Bastl ground zero

This looks interesting:

If I understand the description of its operation correctly, it would seem to share a lot of features and some very similar modes of operation with Frames, which I suspect inspired many aspects of its design. But its design also suggests some modes that could be added to the Frames firmware, with a bit of hacking.

I really dig their new modular stuff ( from a design perspective - I don’t have a modular yet) but that description is so confusing, I hardly understand what it actually does… Easy win for Frames.

Doesn’t look like Frames to me - a bit more like Peaks or the Modcan quad LFO, as in different mode of modulation CV generation under one same module. You get CV inputs and more channels (6!) at the cost of a very very modal interface.

OK. I read the description as meaning that the CV inputs were connected to the CV outputs via a VCA, at least in Automation mode. But that was just confirmation bias - on re-reading, I don’t think they are. So nothing like Frames, really.