Bastl Grandpa

Just assembled my Grandpa DIY kit, and now I’m intrigued to know if anyone else has one, and if so, what their impressions are of it so far, and what sort of things they’ve found to do with it.

My first impressions are that it’s quite lo-fi, but generally in a good way. It’s very ‘click’, which may ultimately mean I’m not going to use it much, as it does put me off a little. To be fair, Bastl did make a point of saying that no attempts was made to smooth out the grains. I’ve also found the controls a little… unpredictable. Maybe that’s part of the charm of the module. I like randomness, but I generally like things that aren’t supposed to be random to work in the same way each time. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Grandpa, unless I’m just failing to understand how the various controls are supposed to work…

I’m not sure quite what to do with the laser-cut oak panel. I think I should probably apply varnish or some other protective coating to prevent it picking up finger grease etc… Anyone any thoughts on that? I’m not really sold on the wood, to be honest.


Incidentally, I bought my kit direct from Bastl, and had only just received mine, when the whole Bastl DIY range suddenly showed up on the Thonk site, here in the UK.

I ordered the Spa expander at the same time, but there was a mixup, which I didn’t notice until too late, so I got the pre-assembled version. Saved me some time, but the panels of the two modules don’t match, now, which annoys me more than it should…


Yes it’s one of those modules that needs a lot of exploration until you figure out how exactly it’s working. I’m currently beta testing the SPA because there have been found some bugs, and I’ll tell you, it took me a lot to get some of its basic functioning.

Check this thread here on Muffs, especially from page 8 to the the end: a guy called Smartbits did a great work at writing down a temporary manual about how the module works. It’s still to be confirmed by Bastl, but so far everything he writes seems pretty correct.

BTW the grandpa works really well as a impulse source for Elements, if you have one, you should try it.

Thanks for the tips, rumpelfilter.
I’ll have a read through of that thread.
It does seem to be an interesting module.

I don’t have an Elements, but do have another module I may try running it through.


Well it will probably work well with any resonator module. try to make some very glitchy sounds using the grain speed/size parameters and use that as an exciter signal for the resonator. Very cool stuff!