BassBoy, interesting mono synth product.. not DIY, but $29

Certainly a bit limited when compared to Shruthi, but at $29 I think I’ll buy a few to play with, and I thought I would share.

I’m wondering if this might make a nice base for a poly synth… for a newb, I mean.

How would I string say six of these together to handle chords?

i guess you just have to control them separately, via midi

Different midi channels, and a roll your own VSTi plugin that sends out notes on different channels ^^

but for what it costs , about 40 euro shipping included,
you can do … :slight_smile:

Looks interesting… I don’t fully get how this is supposed to work though. Only two pins for midi connection? And how to you connect it? The website does not provide much detail… And anyway… once you have a Shruthi-1… you don’t need anything else! :slight_smile:

@ rumpelfilter

What about 2 Shruthis?

> Only two pins for midi connection

Yes, the MIDI link is a current loop, one pin for the current to go in, one pin for the current to go out :smiley: The connector is 5 pins but only 2 are needed to establish a communication.

I am a bit puzzled by this project. To me, the point of doing something in hardware is:

  • To provide an alternative to a computer-based workflow (just me, my MIDI controller and my synth!)
  • To get a sound that could never really be equalled by software + DACs (the Shruthi’s “big push”)
  • To offer a dedicated, hands on interface (probably not the strongest point of the Shruthi since it is not in the “one knob per function” family)
  • To educate, teach about electronics and DIY

This project addresses none of those points: it really needs a dedicated controller since it has no controls, the synthesis is pure software, and it doesn’t come as a kit and doesn’t seem to be in the kit/DIY/hacking mindset. Maybe the fun will be to get more people hooked to the old-school “one box, one MIDI channel + one mixer input per instrument” workflow?

And I really wonder if it “will sound like a real live stage band” as the website claims…
I kind of doubt it.

@pichenettes: thanks for the info on the MIDI thing. Absolutely agree on all your points. Could be still interesting to hack it though…

@ fcd72 actually I can’t decide myself between buying larger EEPROM for my current shruthi or just get a new kit :slight_smile: I’m still not really satisfied with how I assembled the first one… but I just don’t have the time for DIY right now…

@ rumpelfilter

the easiest way to get a bigger patch storage is to just buy a new kit. if you get the wrong eeprom for upgrading you may waste 1,50€, is this risk worth trying? :wink:

What’s the Moog filter he talks about in the “How it works” section? If there’s some magical Moog filter chip which the BassBoy uses, then colour me interested in getting a filter board that uses it for the Shruthi. If (as I suspect) the filter is software then I don’t really see the point - except to track down the magical source code and build it into my own soft-synth and save myself all the messy business of hooking up hardware.

on the homepage it says that the DAC comes at the end of the chain, so the filter’s software, definitely. i’m not sure if i’ll try it, as i’m building an x0xb0x. but that takes ages, could be nice to play with this one in the meantime and give it a try. the synth itself is really cheap. maybe we could share shipping cost, if one or two are interested??

@ rosch
here! PayPal?

looks a bit…meh tbh.

purely digital? I cant see the point as pichenettes has said.

rosch - how far you into your x0x? Ive got a kit on the way, be nice to have a building buddy.



The filter is in software. When I see software and “moog filter” I immediately think of Stilson and Smith paper “Analyzing the Moog VCF with Considerations for Digital Implementation”. Everybody was using that 7 or 8 years ago (including me in Bhajis Loops and Microbe). Besides the polynomial “overdrive” / fuzz effect implemented at one stage, It doesn’t sound much different from a serial pair of biquads.

If you want to see a “textbook” implementation of it which has not been obscured by optimization, check the csound source code, the csound opcode is named “moogvcf”.

@ fcd72
well it’s not always easy to find the right excuse for a new piece of gear! :smiley:


what excuse? i just got a good ebay deal micro-q and my wife asked what the hell i need a feeled 12th synth for (besides all the mutable gear :wink: ) and i took her hand and showed her her shoe rack…

heh, i ended up having to clean up my wifes shoes last night - haw can you need so many ? I have one pair!

But synths of course…

cool, i’m convinced :smiley:
i guess we could wait 1 or 2 days in case someone else like to join.

@Paradigm X:
i have the boards from Willzyx and rare parts from Gaetano. i’ve started stuffing the boards with what i already have in stock, that’s most of the resistors and some caps. then i’ll see what i have to order in addition to all the control surface parts which i’ll mount offboard (arcade buttons etc).
but i just tested the psu board 2 days ago and it works fine! given that i have them since Dec 2010 you can see how slow i am.


Well i bet you finish before me! Took me 4 days to do the shruthi…

I won a full kit in a x0xb0x competition - i already own one i bought ready made. :slight_smile: So luckily i have no sourcing to do.

Where are you going to use arcade buttons, theres 23 switches!

Im thinking about making a little 4 way ‘mixer’ with arcade buttons, a simple on off for four or more channels. Where you getting your arcade buttons from ? Cheers


hehe i’m going to use them for everything. that makes it quite large. i also thought about using real keys, but with one octave that’s rather small. in case i don’t like the button keyboard i might think about it again, the buttons won’t be lost then.
i got some black ones from

and recently i bought similar ones but with slightly different thread (so the rings aren’t interchangeable with the X-Arcade ones) from