Basic Braids questions 2

Hi there!
To entertain myself in quarantine I’ve built Braids and now I wonder if it works as it should. Unfortunately all music stores in Munich are closed, so I cannot just go and to play with a native one to compare. So I would appreciate if you can answer few dilettante questions I have.

  1. After power is on, it starts with CSAW. To switch to another instrument I have to turn the encoder counterclockwise(!). It is a bit strange and I think it is specifics of the used encoder. I can easily (I hope) workaround it in the software, however I can imagine that it was intended in the original design. So my question: should it change from CSAW with a rotating clockwise or counterclockwise?

  2. Almost all instruments sound as expected (by all knobs in middle position, no external input), however few of them appear too quiet. And a very special case is cymbals - they sound always as a dirty noise, independently what I am doing with knobs or what I am applying to inputs. It’s mysterious to me. I can understand all instruments are too quiet or if it produces noise by all selections. But I have no explanation for this instrument-selective problematic. So does it look like a hardware or software problem? Or I just have to spend more time with docs and tutorials and to learn how to use Braids right way?

Thanks in advance,

Sorry, you’re asking support for a DIY module, this is not the right forum!