Bank prgrm change & Librarian

Hi guys! I’ve a couple questions:

  • First, I’ve downgraded to 0.97 since Performance Mode is a must for me for live jamming. I’ve seen for this firmware the Bank select for program change is set to CC32 instead of CC0 as the latest firmwares. That won’t allow me to select more than 1st bank patches from the Octatrack. My question, having in mind I’m not a programmer at all; is it easy for someone to modify this option to CC0 for 0.97 (or maybe enable performance mode in 1.02, which I guess it is more difficult). If someone could do that, I’d pay him if necessary, for sure!

  • Second one, I’ve looked in the forum but it’s not very clear between old posts… Is there any librarian (mac preferred, but win is ok too), which would easily allow me to dump all Shruthi patches to laptop, sort them as desired, delete, etc, and then dump them back to the Shruthi? I’ve been working with Snoize librarian, but I can only do one patch at a time

Thanks for your help!

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