Band Pass mod for SMR4 MKI. Possible?

Hi everyone. I am only now realizing that there are more differences between mki and mkii than I thought. Does anyone know of the band pass mod is possible on the first version of the board? And can anyone guide me to the correct pads if they exist? I am building my programmer and want a switch for this.

Thanks a lot.

Yes it is possible. I did it for the MkI… All the same mods are possible as far as i know.
You just have to look up the points in the schematic of the mkI and compare those to the points in the schematic of MkII
I don’t have the smr4 mk1 with the mods here anymore otherwise i would take picture for you. It’s not difficult, you don’t even have to understand the schematics. It’s more like a puzzle.

So far it’s a pretty tough puzzle. I’ll keep at it…

How important is it that the transistors in the SMR4 be matched?

Not much…