Banana-fied Blinds

The I/O on Blinds seems pretty simple, so I want to attempt a build with banana jacks.
A couple of thoughts /questions :
The attenuverter input in normalled to ground, but I’ve seen other circuits that don’t bother with this so I think I’ll be OK here.
The signal input jack is normalled to a 100K resistor to +10V, but there is another 100K to +10V at the summing node. How critical is it to have this resistor in place in the absence of a signal input?

I think getting rid of it would eliminate an important feature of the module: when no jack is patched in the control input, an equivalent of +5V is sent to the circuit, allowing you to use the knob to control the polarity/gain of the signal input.

So maybe you should add a little switch to switch between external CV and internal +10V? You’ll need those switches for the output chaining too!

Any reason I couldn’t change the potentiometers from 10K to 50k or 100k on this module?

Yes: the circuit won’t work. Use 10kB potentiometers. Anything else will cause asymmetries in the response of the knobs. It’s not very convenient if the neutral setting is at 10 or 2 o’clock.