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I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to wire up the SMR-4 MKII Filter and Digital Filter on Frank’s Wasp XT Programmer. I’ve looked at Frank’s wiring for the Polivoks + SMR-4 here:


but, I’m unsure of wiring it this way. Any help is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

This one is easy: Just pull that TX Line from the Digital Board to the Digital Filters TX in and thats its.

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I’m guessing GND and +5V don’t need to be sent from the digital control board to the digital filter board. I have attached a new diagram. Anyone know for sure if this is correct? Do both filter boards need to be wired up to the DC Jack (daisy-chained)?

Power the filter boards via their DC jacks as normal. Use one PSU that is beefy enough to drive them all. You want a common ground between all boards to stop any hum cause by ground difference.

@6581punk GNDs need to be interconnected between boards, as well as DC Jack connections? or is daisy-chaining the grounds to the DC jacks on the filter boards effectively the same thing? or do both?

looks good even if its a fake banana chart… presuming you share the same GND and Vcc all over your boards its really just the TXD Line the Digital Filter Board needs (despite the OSC…)

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