Bad XT PCB -- did I fry all the ICs?

I built an XT PCB today and forgot to check for a short between GND and 5V before powering it up. After I noticed that it wasn’t working I immediately disconnected the power and found continuity between GND and 5V on the XT board. I pulled the ICs from their sockets and then depopulated nearly the entire board (except for the push buttons) and the GND and 5V short remained until the very end, leading me to believe it was a faulty PCB to start. I got it for free – lesson learned.

What are the chances that:

  1. I fried any of the ICs, the main CPU, or the OLED? It was only connected to power for 5-10 seconds. I’d like to know before I place a new order from Mouser.

  2. I fried anything on the filter board that I used for power? I only had the GND and 5V connected from the filter board, not any of the other pins. The filter seems to work fine after I put it back into my regular Shruthi-1.

Did you find the short circuit on the board? It is also crucial where the short circuit was.
Does everything still work now?

Otherwise, I think that it should only let the 7805 go hot (and that was only for a short moment). You have now not fatally exchanged the GND with 5V and vice versa - you only shorted the 5V to GND. For a brief moment I don’t see any concerns. But maybe someone else can say more about it.

Best regards,

I finally pulled everything off the board and still had the short from 5V to ground. I inspected the PCB and I could not see any defects. So it must have been a bad board from the factory. I bought a new one from a different source and put all of the old parts on it and it works perfectly – apparently, nothing was fried. And I got lucky because I actually just bought a Hakko FR-301 desoldering tool 2 weeks ago… I didn’t think I’d be using it so soon, but it’s amazing. I don’t know how I worked without it for so long.