Bad music

Hello Pinchenette,
I read somewhere (here?) that the worst thing to happen to your instruments is using them for awful music.
What style do you think is appropriate for the Anushri?

Don’t remember reading that. So long as people enjoy the instruments and the people listening to the music enjoy the results I don’t see the problem.

So long as the music doesn’t end up being used for evil or torture.


Don’t knock Skweee…


Punk (on CD)

May I recommend this for inspiration:

Please tell me Clownye West hasn’t got a Braids!??

Might be kind of a niche, but it sounds like a decent fit for the emo death metal epic trance stuff

Ha ha I had never heard of skwee music until I watched a (quite sympathetic) documentary on it, after that I was quite kindly disposed towards it even if hearing the music on its own I would have had plenty to say about how bad I thought it was. I always can get behind the idea of music that is heartfelt… But in terms of showcasing a synth - yeah maybe not skwee

You have to skweeze very hard to skweeze all out of a Braids!

Isn’t this much like weapons; it’s not the gun that kills, but the guy who pulls the trigger?!
This is my first comment, so I have to “weigh my words on a silver scale”, but even if I have a liking of a lof of various music, there are still some genres I cannot cope with, and playing that kind of music on an Anushri won’t make things better, perhaps worst.
Besides, I picked up a MIDI-kbd yesterday and when I return home after a few days visiting my son, I’ll see if I can kick some life iin my yellow fellow that has been lying around too long.

/Soundbrigade aka Magnus from Sweden