Back into Eurorack because of MI :)

I had a brief stint in Eurorack 2-3 years ago but left disappointed because of the ergonomics and because I wasn’t really looking at it from the right angle at the time ( I now think going into Eurorack looking for vintage sounds is a fools’ errand ).
Anyway I’ve been drooling after most MI modules since they came out, I love the concepts and the approach, with dense functionality that doesn’t require too much patching for trivial stuff, and great sound.

A couple of days ago I’ve decided to take the plunge and have bought a Yarns, Braids and Ripples, as well as a couple of other modules including the intellijell Atlantis which will be a center of the rack as I like patching things in an out of a simple fixed architecture, semi modular style.

I can’t wait to try the system ! And I had forgotten that MI modular products were also open source and hackable, that is just brilliant.
I’m looking forward to trying and porting some of my DSP code to the Braids, I’ve got a rain oscillator in some old code somewhere that could be fun :slight_smile:

My must have list also includes the Peaks and Grids modules though I’m waiting for my wallet to recover a bit before I buy those.
Tides is intriguing me too and I’m looking forward to see what the new modules bring!

They didn’t get me into eurorack, but the modules are definitely pretty wonderful and I keep unexpectedly adding them to my planner when I originally only planned for a Tides (or two).

I just got a Tides and love it. It’s my only VC sound source atm, so I’m getting to know it quite well, though I also want to set it to modulate something on my MicroBrute soon.

I only just recently put together that Olivier is the same Olivier that did Bhajis Loops (and I swear I tried searching about it when the Shruthi came out…) >.>

I had a lot of fun with Bhajis on a Tungsten T3 :slight_smile: