Babyface Pro

Anyone here got an RME Babyface Pro? Are you happy with it? Any thoughts?

You can’t be disapointed by RME

Uh-oh, that depends. Their drivers are epic stable, but i don’t like the AD/DA’s of the smaller ones. Their newer stuff is not always the best you can get. The UCX/UFX have excellent mic preamps, cause their absolutely transparent, while the mic pre’s of the Babyface and the 8xx series are too harsh imho. It’s a matter for taste maybe…

The Babyface Pro is supposedly completely different from the original Babyface. @nightworxx, are you talking about the original Babyface or the new Pro unit?


Ok, thanks for the precision, i thought all he latest card shared the same technology.

I have an UFX which i totally love. Also it is really easy to understand, and the most easiest to install.

I also loved the pre-amp /AD-DA of the TC 48.

My primary reason for looking at the RME stuff is that I would like an USB interface with the lowest latency possible. I’m not a huge purist in terms of sound as long as the quality is good; I think the more recent Behringer UMC interfaces sound fine, for example.

You probably know this but the latency you can achieve also depends a lot on the computer and on what you are running on it.
I have 2 RME 's now and they can really low latency but often the lowest latency I can get with the interface is to low for either ableton running lot’s of real-time effects and inputs or cubase running dozens of tracks, fx, and a video stream.

Edit : I have a UFX and UCX and they are by far the best pieces of equipment I have ever bought for my studio and live setup. So I totally love RME and can’t recommend it enough.

@shiftr Yes, I know that, but it still is a good thing to keep in mind. :slight_smile:

Update: Got one. Very nice. This might be the most well-built computer peripheral I’ve ever seen. The latency you get on this is indeed impressive.

What kind of latencies are we talking about?
I recently bought a Midas Venice F-series mixer (dirt cheap prices recently and I get 1ms per conversion. Its crazy) Well, at least that’s what Reaper tells me. I guess there’s some additional IO latency on top. But still, its impressive. I’m running 4 conversions in total (a digital insert per channel + a digital insert on the master bus) and it is not noticable at all.

I don’t trust what DAWs tell me, but I’ll try find time to measure it one of these days. It is certainly more than low enough to monitor myself playing through Ableton Live, even with a bunch of effects running.

Yeah i was checking what latency i use at the moment with my UCX and it’s 3ms…
One thing to keep in mind is that ‘plug in latency compensation’ actually causes latency!
When is insert a certain pitch shifter plug in somewhere everything becomes sluggish and late because the latency compensation is compensating everything to be as slow as the pitch shifter plug in.

Yeah, that feature exists to make sure all tracks stay in time regardless of the latency introduced by the plugins you use, not to magically make latency go away.

Turning such a feature off causes more trouble than it solves though. Better to disable the things that cause a lot of latency during recording (a decent DAW can show the latency introduced by every plugin individually), or to only use well-programmed effects, especially for live processing.