BA662 Replacing it with BA6110 on Roland SH-2?

Hi Guys

I’m asking me if i can use the BA6110 wich are available on ebay from Hong Kong.

I saw the following:;wap2

So Pin 1 - 4 must be changed… Ok… But on the service manual i read that i must change ic4-ic7 wich where ba662 and then theres another ic… ok… ic8 uses ba662a (wich i have one)

Anyone experiences with SH-2 and BA6110?


no, it wont work. There is additional circuitry required for the 6110 to be have like a 662

Ok… So bad thing… Do you have a solution for it? :slight_smile:

Nope, just bite the bullet and get a BA662. Look at the x0xb0x schematics and you can see the difference

Ok… Thanks Yeah, x0xb0x rockz… :stuck_out_tongue:

Other question. They are mentioning in the manual that IC4-7 is BA662A and the IC8 the same… So, i think i can use BA662A also for the IC8 or not?!?


@altitude What additional circuitry?

It needs a current mirror but Open Music Labs has a BA662 clone out now so grab one of those, it’s a drop in replacement and costs $14

Agreed. Open Music Labs BA662 clone has to be the way to go, rather than phaffing about with a BA6110 and adapting it with extra circuitry to make it work. Or paying over the odds for a genuine BA662.
I’ve compared both in a x0xbox and there is no Roland magic in there :wink: And the demo’s I heard of the BA662 clone were perfectly good too. I’ve got a couple to try out (in a x0xb0x) but not gotten around to it yet…