AY3 synth

No DIY version ? :frowning:

A DIY version would be great, but still, this thing is pretty F’in cool. I don’t do much chip tune stuff myself, but this box is interesting, and looks great too.

Sounds great!

Its 4Bit sound machine. I make my first soundgenerator with ay3 chip on the expansion port from zx81 home computer in year 1985 :slight_smile:

I bought and repaired a ZX81 last year. There’s some expansion boards that add the AY chip, CF storage and RAM. There’s some pretty impressive demos for the ZX81 with scrolling text and graphics.

How fast are the LFOS? I need my tracker tables!

How about some of the more obscure ay sound design features youd find in dedicated trackers?

Sounds interesting, but I can do sounds like this with my JX8P or SQ80 easily. So the polyphony wouldn’t be the draw for me. What I really like are the raw and steppy LFOs and envelopes. I do things like this with the Shruthi OPs using the quantize function.

@herrprof: Which features are you talking about? Also, do you know any good audio applications for Palm Pilots? I just got one recently.

which version palm? Mutable comes from good palm app pedigree :slight_smile:

Basically id love a midi version of:

It says Palm IIIxe. I have the instructions, the cradle that has a serial adapter. and a serial to DB 25 adapter. It has an IR port, the stylus, and a little cover too. It is from the year 2000. So it is a relatively young one.

that looks like an interesting app. I have never used it before, but it looks like you can type your own LFOs in step by step if I am correct. Kind of like a wave table.

No filter?

The ay has no filter, but should be able to get some nice pwm out of it:

As for the plam its a little old for bhajis loops, but you should be able to:

some more phasing:

@herrprof: Thanks for the link. I will check it out even if the one I have is too old. I have no idea about any Palm. I never really bothered with them when they were a thing. However, I am sure that it can program stuff over serial which could prove to be useful.

@shiftr: With these old chips, you have to really like the raw oscillators. That is really the main draw. They have several unique quirks that can not be achieved with filters. This a cool unit for people who do not have access to “old school” style oscillators and digital noise sources, but not for me.
At least it has two audio outs. One for the percussion track and the other for the melody. Or is it stereo?

I do really like the sound of these old chips. But if you turn this in a midi synth it wouldn’t have hurt to put in a nice filter after it.

If it had a midi out/thru I would suggest throwing it into unison mode then running it through your Shruthi of choice. Or go from the Shruthi out to the AY3 in. That would also work.

Also, PWM is technically a filter because you are changing the harmonics involved in the oscillator.

Looks like each output is one 3 voice sound chip. Doesnt seem to be multitimbral though?

PWM is sort of like a power reduction. Much like how a light dimmer works.

No multi-timbrality? Kind of a downer. All those SID projects out there seem to make full use of all the polyphony with mult-chip boards…

SIDs are more advanced. Even the most advanced AY chip has one envelope between three oscillators?