AVRISP and tutorial midi

Hey, I think I’ve finished but I have a spare 6 pronged thing that fits in the 6 AVRSIP holes. Have I missed this somewhere?

Also on a side note. I followed the tutorial to the letter and in doing so I attached the LCD before attaching the midi inputs. It might be a bit obvious but I completely missed it. Maybe a note would help fellow bad builders like me?

You don’t need this 2x3 part unless you plan to hook up an AVR programmer to the board to send your own code to the chip.

The instructions and photos show clearly that the MIDI sockets should be soldered before the LCD module don’t they?

It only says " You can even connect it to a MIDI keyboard and an amp/mixer to play it." and the photoshops LCD and midi together. It’s not really the tutorials fault, it is my fault for being stupid lol.

The point is to test the synth before soldering the LCD module - which will make reworking pins of the MCU and optocoupler impossible once the LCD is attached.

Yeah, I made a mistake. It’s up and running now. Sounds great. Thank you for all the help. The only problem in had was the wrong screws for the case ( they were too short ). I’m going to have a proper play. Thank you for helping me so much. Sorry for the constant questions but I have to say everyone has been great.

You probably put long screws in the top of the sandwich. That’s where the short screws belong…

they were all the same length except for the bottom ones for the bottom part of the sandwich

These are M3 12mm screws. If you can’t find them I’ll send you some. Will scold fcd72 for the screws mixup!

I double checked everything. I got 12x6mm screws and 4x12mm
It’s ok though, don’t worry about sending replacements I can get them at the hardware store down the road tomorrow. a small mix up with a few screws is nothing to complain about after all the great help I got on these forums :slight_smile:

@Nedavine, pichenettes

Im sorry for this inconvenience. As a Sign of apology and to your satisfaction ill immediately call the Girl that sorted your pack of Screws and urge her to celebrate Seppuku

Hopefully it wasn’t my wife who packed this particular Bag - she brings Coffe to my Bed when i wake every Father’s Day (which turns out to be tomorrow…)

BTW, it must have been M3x6, i have no M3x4 in da House… Please check. If its really x4 the must have been a SpaceTimeQuirk changed the Length or they got replaced by some Aliens…

Nah definitely 4 of the 12mm and the rest were the short ones. I thought I’d seen some little grey fingers under the door! I had two bags of screws. One had the stuff for the sandwich ( spacers and washers etc) the other had nuts, plastic feet thingys and all small screws (same size as the small ones for the sandwich).

As for your wife, please advise her not to commit seppuku as 1) it could be very messy and people will be receiving bloodied screws in the mail. And 2) because a no one should ever have to go without coffee in the morning on fathers day. Also if you have children they could grow up hating screws which would be rubbish. Especially if they formed a super group of evil bandits that roamed the world taking screws out of things in order to claim vengeance on the loss of their mother. Life as we know it would fall apart… Literally.

In all seriousness, that was a very fun build. And despite having paid for the pleasure I still feel I owe a great deal of thanks. Cheers guys. Expect more orders as soon as the wife loans me her credit card again…