AVR programmer

Hi shruti people…

Any advice for getting an AVR programmer, considering the fact that I’ll soon be a total “I have no PC anymore” guy.
So an AVR thing that would work on my imac?


I use an AVR ISP mkII from Atmel with a Mac.

An iMac is a PC. I first thought you wanted to use an AVR programmer without a computer. :slight_smile:

avrdude works very nice on many operating systems.

Funny how PC has come to mean “non-mac computer” or really “windows computer” when the acronym means Personal Computer, which clearly includes Macs.

@pichenettes. Is this what you have?


Yes that’s the part I use. If one day you or your kids get bored you can just go over my flickr stream and find all occurrences of it in the photos…

Besides a computer (PC or Mac) and the software utilities and code, is this the only additional part needed to program the chip in the MidiPal kit? Or are there other things I need to get in order to program these chips?

Yes! As long as the programmer has a 6 way ISP connector. Otherwise you’ll need a converter for that as well.

I use an AVR ISP mkII with debian wheezy…works fine !

Don’t forget about cheap $3.99 USBasp
Mine works good with windows7 x64, but Linux and MacOS also supported.

@schrab: Do you need a 10 pin to 6 pin converter? If so do you have a link to the correct part number?

here it is

this is my next order i think :wink:
EDIT : at schrab i’m not abble to see the precedent link you post forbiden in my country ???
But if i understand i need an adaptater 6 to 10 for a 40 pin ?!?

Try a different DNS or a web proxy, or both.

search for “10 Pin to Standard 6 Pin Adapter Board For ATMEL” @ ebay

Hi everybody i have a problem to insert the firmware in the midipal, i have a pololu avr programmer, this one have AVRISPV2/STK500 with com port, when i go to the avr studio 5 in the tools i only see avr simulator and stk500 com6, in the avr simulator i can choose 328p but i can not choose the isp and in the stk500 i can choose the isp but i can not choose the 328p it only have 324p, i do not try anything because if i damage the box i would like that someone could help me with this

Thank you the best

That cheapy one schrab linked is gone. Will this one do the same shiz?

PC = IBM PC compatible in my book.

But doh, this is an old thread :slight_smile:

While saving money is commendable, I tend to find that buy cheap = buy twice.

Oh, I’m actually looking to use it with win7 x64, not imac like the OP

Go for a programmer with really good support then. Some of the cheapo ones won’t have that, so getting new drivers could be hard.

So either the official AMTEL one or one that is well supported with open source drivers.