Automation not recording in arrangement Ableton 9

Hi. Just recently built my first Shruthi-1 and I love it so far. I am however having an issue recording automation in an arrangement in Ableton Live 9. I can record automation in to clips with no problem. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!

I’ll let another Live user reply here. I gave up on this program a couple of versions ago…

Can you explain your issue with more detail? Which automation are you trying to record and how are you trying to record it? Are you using an external controller, and if so which one?
Live 9 changed a couple of things regarding automation.

I am trying to record patch parameters (cutoff, res, lfo amount) in the arrangement view with shruthi (no external controller). In other words I can start a song and record parameter changes without having to have a different clip for every change I make. There is no issue when I record automation into clips, that’s working fine.

Hmm… so let me see if I understand that, you hit play, have the automation rec armed, then what will you do, what are you interacting with to record the automation?

I think hes drawing in the notes in the sequencer and getting that to drive the shruthi. Whats your chain?

Isn’t this a question for the Live forums? You might have more success asking there since it does not seem to be instrument-specific at all. :slight_smile:

naaaaaa…… we are well known for resolving pretty much every possible problem remotely - we even fixed that pesky Apollo 13 problem using 3 Braids as a Time Machine….

I’ve been automating Shruthi parameters a lot in the past… just draw some automation assigned to the corresponding MIDI CC (see Shruthi MIDI chart) and that’s it. Are we talking about doing this or about actually recording automation by moving some visual fader/pot on the screen? Never tried that… too messy and produces too many points… I like the automation envelopes to be nice and clean… :slight_smile:

I solved it with a Shruthi-1 Max device The problem was i didn’t realize the drawbacks of using ableton with hardware. With the max device I can midi map the pots on shruthi and record automation in the arrangement. Thank you all for your responses!

cool glad you solved it!

Excellent! That way I don’t have to spill the beans of how Ableton is a bit antagonistic to MIDI synths in general and Sysex to be more specific.

There’s a M4L patch by Monolake (I think) that has 8 knobs that can be setup to send MIDI CCs and each knob can be named. You could stick one of these before the External Instrument you use to send MIDI to/bring in audio from your Shruthi-1, and automate the knobs. The automation data would then show up nicely named.


@neveroddoreven Ooops, great minds think alike, and all that. I guess you discovered the same device.


this is the one i use: