Audiothingies P6

Dear Mutables,

i’m looking for other’s DIY project’s and find that above.
It looks interesting.

I have an Ambika so get i really different out of it?

The other big think is the guy behind.
What is your experience with Samuel?
Don’t understand me wrong but for me is very important who is behind.

Please let me know what do you think and feel, thank you.

All the best,


It is discussed here

There is already a thread about it and the guy behind the P6 is on the forum here too. May have a look here
Edit: cereyanlimusiki was faster…

Dear cereyanlimusiki, cj55,

thank you the link. I didn’t see it.

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Dear All,

i know this thread but this give me not an answer of my question.
The only thing in the moment it is not open source :frowning:

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Theres the P6 which I think looks interesting but can´t say much, and then there is also the PreenFM2, which is also super cool, and I have and can say it is a perfect complement to an Ambika, providing FM synthesis which is quite different as sound and concept.

Search the forums for threads on it, I can say Xavier who is behind it has been superb with it!

Dear Varthdader,

i’m in the next batch of Preenfm2 in :wink:

If you do get a P6 I am intrigued by it so don´t hesitate to post you experience!

I think you will be the first from both us :wink:

The short of it: The P6 is a kick-ass easy to build little synth. I have no regrets getting mine and I’d recommend it to anyone who got bitten by the synth-DIY bug.

@waldemaR can you point me to negative discussions about the guy behind the P6 (me BTW…)
I’d happily read what people have against me…

Maybe it’s just a way of saying that there isn’t that much (positive or other) stuff said yet about the P6? I like my P6 and it gets good use. Maybe I should share a patch bank or two…

I only had positive experience with the Audiothingies guy aka the here present Elektrosamplist, but who knows, maybe in real life he is a horrible person.
the P6 is a cool DIY synth, if you like good old school subtractive synthesis it’s a no-brainer

Dear Jojjelito, dear rumplefilter,

thank you for your positive feedback of P6.

Dear elektrosamplist, that is the point. This was my first time that i hear something in the DIY community about someone in a negative Form, but maybe the truth is the opposite.

I do not won’t against you make negative vibes or what else.

As my first comment for me the people behind the project is very important also to buy, more or less more than the project itself. That’s my personally way.

One think more it is not easy to discuss and understand something like this in your not mother language.

All the best,


Jojjelito thanks for your feedback. Much appreciatedrumpelfilter thank you too, it’s even smarter from you that is involved more deeply in other DIY projects

The thing is: the P6 is new to the market - I started selling them 3 months ago.
The fact that there is less content available (be it review, opinion, user video/samples) than a 2 to 4 year old project like the shruthi or preenFm is quite logical. (yeah, and it has no big Filter knob you can tweak and make a video on Youtube pretending you’re an artist - sorry 'bout that).

Plus I have concentrated my time on developing new features - nearly implementing all FRs - that will be publicly out in the upcoming 1.0 firmware next week instead of marketing it - maybe that was a bad choice, I don’t know.

1.0 is a milestone tho, the P6 now has an even deeper synthesis architecture (the matrix has evolved a lot) and FXs.

@waldemaR please point me to those discussions because I don’t know where they are. Links please!
I try to stay away from people criticizing stuff for the sake of criticizing but I cannot pass on personal attacks

This was not a discussion in the www.
I was talking with a friend of mine. That’s why i ask the community about .

Maybe i do a mistake and open now something that goes complitly in the wrong direction.

I know it is easier to say something that maybe not the truth instaed of thinking positive, sorry.

All the best,


Don’t get me wrong, I am trying to get you but it looks like I do not understand what you are trying to say.

“Dear elektrosamplist, that is the point. This was my first time that i hear something in the DIY community about someone in a negative Form, but maybe the truth is the opposite.”

You hear something negative about me, please tell me where, in private if you want, I don’t care.

Are you French BTW?

What i say it is different to discuss in your not mother language.
Please read my comments.
I’m from Germany.

When will the built units from your shop have the latest firmware? I want one, since i am more musician than electrician :slight_smile: