I can’t locate the thread now, but recently someone (whoever it was, thank you!) posted a link to Audio-Term, a Windows program written by “blacktomcat666” that lets you do all kinds of things including wavetable creation and sample resynthesizing. I’ve only played with it on a plane, using Virtual PC on my Mac, but it seems really incredible. There’s no documentation at the moment, which is a drag, but there’s enough YouTube videos and so on that you can get the idea. This should be fantastic for use with the Shruthi.

Long thread at KvR with most of the info in it Be sure to go to the later parts of the thread, as the software has evolved and expanded significantly over time
YouTube demos

Yeah, I fount it recently. It is tons of fun.
I can render them to .WAV files from my own single cycle .WAV files, but I have yet to figure out how to set the number of slices and samples per slice yet. It is great for making wavetable sweeps for samplers.

Thanks dnigrin, I saw this a few months ago and had lost the links. Trying to remember led me dangerously deep into research about the Synclavier sample-to-FM resynthesis method. Dangerous because the only way to get that is to spend $6k on a basic synclavier …

For the german native speakers in this froum, there is also a discussion about this program here…