Audio Jack and Volume Pot. Alternatives?


I am still working hard on sourcing for my Shruthi-1 4PM and Digital FX Boards

First of all will this Audiojack work ? suggested one NMJ4HFD2 but this is NMJ4HCD2

As I am also planning to process external audio ( possibly my other synthesizers ) and of course control audio in level so I need volume pot.

would any of these be an alternative to Tubetown Alpha 16 PCB 10k A ; if yes which one

Alternative 1
Alternative 2
Alternative 3
Alternative 4
Alternative 5

The audio jack link seems to go to the main website. I found the hard way that not just any audio jack will work. I ordered on and it was smaller (mounting) than what the board holds. I had to get creative and bend the leads out and solder it to the component side. It works, but it’s not ideal.

really, any panel mount 10k pot will work. What you want to look for is how it’s wired. The ones you have linked to are all PCB mounted. You may want to look for “solder lug” connectors. Those in the links will work, it’s just a bit trickyer to solder them. Also, you have a mix of logarithmic & linear. Lin (linear) will give you a steady resistance, where log (logarithmic) will give you a curved resistance (volume). I have to log 10k pots for this and it works just fine (plus I have a bunch of 10K logs laying around, so gotta use em).

I’m in the process of building an XT/Programmer and I have been puzzling over how to implement certain features without compromising the ability to move boards in/out of the programmer and back into Shruthi cases if I need to. I intend to mount volume pots on the programmer for at least the output volumes for the two filterboards, but I don’t want to permanently solder the wires. So here’s what I came up with:

  • remove the jumper from next to the audio jack
  • mount a 3 pin male header
  • use a jumper cable to wire from the header to the pot (jumper connector on the board side, soldered to the pot lugs)

When the board is in the programmer, attach the jumper and enable the pot. When the board is back in the Shruthi case with no volume pot, short pins 1-2 with a shunt jumper.

Should work right? Same could be done for input volume too if need be… I may just do that on the programmer. There’s room for 4 pots on the front panel…

I extended the case of the first Shruthi I built to make some room for standard rotary pots for the input and output volumes. I just used some garden variety 10k log pots I found at the local electronics store. For the 4PM, I’ve ordered some faders instead, and I’m going to figure out a way to just mount them to the sides of the standard enclosure.

I’m not a fan of knurled, split shaft pots either way. I prefer solid shafts and use knobs with set screws.