Audio Input

I am looking into how to get line level audio into my rack. I’ve been researching lots of options and have got fairly confused. In the end, I started to wonder if a cheap “in the meantime” solution would do for a few months whilst I sort out a permanent solution inside my rack. To that end, I have been looking at the Behringer Ultragain Mic100:

It is very cheap and might tide me over as I sort things out. What I cannot work out is if would provide enough gain to go from line level to modular level. Can anyone advise me?

Why not go for something like the Doepfer A-119 ?

Because ultimately I want a two channel solution and although I have not yet decided, I suspect that I might go for the Xaoc Sewastopol which does not appear to be available anywhere at the moment.

So in the meantime Behringer box is only £30 and might come in useful here and there in the future anyway. But not if it doesn’t have enough gain…

Other options are the Circuit Abbey Gozinta and the Ladik A-530 (which is also very cheap - so perhaps I should consider that as a “meantime” solution)

I have a Pittsburgh inout that works really good at this.