"Audio Input" to "CV1 Output"

This mod is for those, who don’t want process external audio signal through Shruthi-1’s VCF and VCA… but want to send CV to other machines.

1. remove the jumper/10k pot at the input jack (maybe you don’t have there anything)
2. wire the CV1 output to the jack

I did it this way:

… shruthi + moog:

Please pay attention while pluggin, the CV1 Out is directly connected to the ATMega, so if anything goes wrong you might rip out the heart of your lill Fella… theres no buffering/protection.

But nice

thank you pichenettes

i really cool to know ,we can use cv safe with other analog gears !

Textbookish CV out circuit. You can remove the 100R resistor at the output at the risk of burning the op-amp if you wire things incorrectly.

Op-amp has to be rail-to-rail and tolerate +/- 5V supply voltage. In the cheap category, a good contender I’ve found is the TS912. If you know any better let me know!

Nobody will hate you if you don’t put the 100nF bypassing caps.

At the very least an op-amp buffer, to have a layer of protection between the ATMega and the CV-input of the other guy (in case, you know, you connect by mistake a LFO with a 12V amplitude into the ATMega, KABOOM!).

Note that the Shruthi-1 CV signals are PWM modulated, so a low-pass filter with a cutoff of 1kHz (or less) would be helpful… The ideal thing would be to take a dual op-amp (rail to rail, for example a TS912), powered by +/- 5V. First op-amp stage is an inverting active RC filter (R = 100k, C = 4.7nF) ; second op-amp stage is an inverting amplifier with unity gain (both resistors = 100k).


and what i possible to do for use this mods correctly with protection ?