Audio in

Tried to do a search but couldn’t find a thread on it. Just wondering if anyone else experiences some distortion when trying to process audio with the audio in jack.

In the Shruthi or the Anushri?

The Shruthi

The manual has 2 sections (at the very bottom) on your exact issue. Either your adapter is faulty and not producing enough current or the signal path is not connected properly.

No problems at all here - in fact the distortion levels can be even lower than that of the Shruthi waveforms themselves (and they are already very good!)

One thing to watch out for though - the input is quite sensitive, so you do have to keep input levels fairly low to avoid distortion.


i was also going to say that the main reason I process external audio through MI synths is for distortion!

I quite like the distortion, and I use it for that reason, but I suppose it would make sense that it could be sensitive, and I have just hooked em up at full blast :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got an input level control on my Shruthi, and simply adjusted it so the signal levels were the same as from the Shruthi’s digital board to keep the same low distortion.

You can of course whack up input level to get glorious distortion (as long as pull the output level down to compensate so you don’t overload further on in the chain).


Having a tiny mixer to send and return signals to your Shruthi is of great use for this reason.
The Shruthi input/output is very hot/loud and that makes it great for distortion tones. It is very easy to overdrive the filter, and that is great for monosynth leads.