Audio in level very low + unable to silence vco w/ sync trick

My audio in levels are extremely low, I’m mainly using the 1/4" on the back. I know the 1/8" audio in is a different level for modular and uses the sub level knob but it seems to be low as well. Anyways it’s barely audible even with a loud signal going in without any cutoff applied. Also when I try and silence the VCO to filter just the audio in by using sync and turning the range knob all the way down, it’s quiet if the wave shape knob is all the way on square but if I move to the sawtooth side the signal comes back in, not as loud as normal but very audible. Is there anything or a spot in particular I should be looking for; a bad solder, bad part, or just user error?

Other than these anomalies my synth has been rock solid. I am having a noise issue I associate with the LFO and/or LEDs I’ve posted in another thread about and its been hypothesized there’s a bad 595 chip in there. I’m going to check this theory and poke around for bad solders related to my audio in issues so I was hoping to take care of everything all at once.

Here’s the other thread I mentioned about the noise:

Thanks for any and all help!

Which audio source you use? Do you have an idea of its peak to peak level?

I’m running other synths into the audio in, korg poly 800 and monotribe. No idea of their levels, all going into the 1/4" audio in on the back. The level of the Anushri overpowers anything from the audio in as a comparison. Is it normal to hear anything from the VCO when the range knob is below 25% in sync mode? Mines only silent if my wave shape knob is all the way to square as I move toward the middle the VCO immediately comes back in, almost full power, if I move range above 25% it does get a bit more full.

Does sync work?

Yes it does, quite well! Sounds good. With sync off adding DCO in sounds dissonant, flip sync switch, in tune!