Audio In and external signals! How does it works?

how can an instrument or mp3 player be used with the Shruthi and can i use it as a filter?
What settings do I have to do, set?
I tried some settings but only i hear sounds if i press s1!

found only this at the manual!
Line-level, mono audio input. Note that the external audio signal flows through the VCF and the VCA – you won’t hear anything until a note or sequence is played by the Shruthi-1 to “open” the VCA.

i haven’t tried that, but i’d think you could switch on the test tone by pressing S1 longer than a second, with osc1 and osc2 waveforms set to none. also, make sure the two pins at the output are bridged (R1) or you use a potentiometer there.

thank you Rosch! yes i have bridges! now I have it :slight_smile: faulty cable

Note that if you have a recent patch eeproms (those containing 128 presets), the patches 124 to 128 are filter and VCA “effects” on external audio signals.

good to know pichenettes thank you :slight_smile: