Auchterhouse Dreaming

I hope everyone over here is doing alright, the UK continues to self defeat it’s battle against Covid, pretty much everyone I know is struggling in some shape or form. Anyway, this week was the 24th anniversary of the untimely passing of Billy Mackenzie (of the Associates and himself fame), it always makes me really sad because he was such a raw and unique talent and left so young (I’ve since reached and passed the age that he made it to). When I work, I drive pretty close to where he lived and ultimately slept (not been that way for a while though).

Rings x2, Elements, Grids, Veils 2020, Stages, Marbles, Blinds, Ripples, Clouds (with a sample of Billy’s voice smearing around) plus PNW, Maths, Batumi, QR2, ENS OSC, DLD, 3 Sisters, uVCF, A124, SH-01a, JU-06a and JP-08.

Be safe, if you need to, reach out to someone, anyone. Too many good people are lost too early (and remember, the Clouds successor must be just around the corner).


[quote=“erstlaub, post:1, topic:17971”](and remember, the Clouds successor must be just around the corner).


Sorry to hear that things are a bit rough at the moment. Love the track you posted.

I feel like I might be speaking from the future in some sense here:

I live in Melbourne (Australia) and we had one of the longest stay at home lockdowns in the world: 6 weeks lockdown followed by 5 weeks of easing restrictions and then the second wave hit and a further 14 weeks hard lockdown. Our ‘numbers’ were much lower but as a society we were aiming at a kind of ‘elimination strategy’.

Strange things happen staying at home for that long; being unable to see friends or family.

I was very grateful to have a Eurorack setup which I played for hours every day.

But, to get to the point: It has been about 10 weeks now since the lockdowns ended and there is a new kind of beauty which can emerge from such solitude. I am glad in many ways that it happened.

Hopefully a better world can come out of all this and if not, then we may have the opportunity to do our part anyway.