Attacks attack attacks!

There’s this feature I developed yesterday for the Shruthi-1 (and unfortunately relying on one bit of code reorganization I did that makes it hard to port to the Shruti-1): the transient generator.

How it works is that you have new entries in the sub-oscillator waveforms list. When you select those, instead of getting the suboscillator, you get a palette of clicky/impulsive sounds played at the beginning of each note and adjustable in amplitude by the sub osc rate.

I implemented this because I wanted an extra something for synthetic drum tones, but it’s quite useful too for organs. I haven’t seen this concept in much places, except the Roland D- series of course. If you have ideas of sounds I could put in this slot, or know a library of sampled attacks, I’d love to have a look at it!

Nice. Sounds like the first steps into the sort of territory occupied by the Korg Electribe R.

For what it’s worth, consider this a request to think about making a rhythm synth as a future project, something solely designed to be percussive. :wink:

Second that! some percussive synth would be great!

+3 on the percussive synht request. maybe with a sequencer on board too?! :smiley:

of course for a percussive synth it would be great if it would be polyphonic to some degree… or at least be able to access different patches at the same time