Atacama LP - feat. Braids, Clouds and some more modular gear

In October 2018 I released my first full lenght Atacama. It´s music between Ambient, Dub and Techno. I call it music for travelling.

I also made some Videos for it:

During the production process of the album I started to build my modular synth. Especially Braids WT4X mode had a very big influence on the sound of the album. You can hear the chord pads in Wanderlust, New Dawn and also in Pan De Azúcar. But also Clouds had its influences. You can hear it in Resonances (i send the Analog 4 Chords into Clouds for the echo / reverb fx) and also in Pan De Azúcar. In New Dawn I used the Resonator mode from Parasites firmware für the blip sounds.

So thank you Émilie for building these great modules!

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