At night


I’ve seen the light and it’s a ghost !

Where is pilled PacMan when we need him?

It’s Skronktro, the ghost of 8-bit Ensoniq trying to find an outlet in this cold, modern world.

There is a timer at the MI shop! 14 hours. What is it?? Ah tell me :smiley: Eurorack, synth, toy? On facebook you said that there isn’t coming anything new for remaining 2013.

…there is another…

looks like through-hole to me.
new diy device?

A timer! A timer!

The part one the left looks like a SOIC ic. A new filter for shruthi maybe with some smd/soic parts to fit everything on a pcb?

But I can’t image how Olivier had the time for it…

Edit: No SOIC.

Must have been a very large pile of dirty dishes over at MIHQ

I know what it is :slight_smile: … happened to bump into a file one time late at night…

No bean spillage from the smartasses okay? :slight_smile: This is one of the “DIY december” releases…

Saw it a few months ago i think i will be able to keep shut for another 12 hours and 9 minutes…

> one of the “DIY december” releases

so it is diy AND there will be more than one?
damn. gotta raise some funds.

I’ll keep my hush-hush. My buy finger is itching…

Cool, that’s Bruce Haack, one of the original SynthDIYers!