Asymmetrical behaviour

I’m testing discrete VCF based on this concept.
I noticed that resonance on the square wave is… asymmetrical:

I did a little research and I found that Korg35 filter has the same behaviour.
Is this “bug” or “feature”? Do I have correct this? Is this behaviour impoverish the sound (or something)?

You might wan’t to talk to Andre of TubeOhm about this… also read thru the Shruthi Ladder filter thread…
My Shruthi XT ladder has a switch for symetric, anti-symetric and something in between. It’s a great sounding kind of distortion.

I’d say “feature”, it surely brings a bit of character!

Everything can be a feature instead of a bug as long as you like it. :slight_smile:

@MaxZorin I think it looks fine, just fine, and perfect symmetry seems kind of boring doesn’t it?

Ok, thanks guys :slight_smile:
It’s funny, I did first tests a few month ago, but it seems that I’ve never looked at square wave with resonance on the oscilloscope.

Yep, the standard work on the Korg35 filter that shows exactly this graph is by Tim Stinchcombe, and you can download it here