Assymetric Pitch Bend?

Was wondering what the easiest way to achieve this with the Shruthi-1. Up until now I’ve been using soft-synths and filtering the pitch-bend messages through a script that alters them from a symmetric octave up, octave down, to 2 semitones up, octave down. Anybody else do this? What’s your method?

I could imagine an Atmel doing this. Or any µC.

There’s probably some concealed setting in a DAW somewhere. Otherwise, there’s always the option of actually being careful with the bender.

Should be doable by modifying the Shruthi firmware…

Wondering how hard it would be to make the modification to the firmware, or if something like a MIDIpal could do such a thing. I’m gradually trying to move away from the DAW somewhat, in the interest of not having to fire up my computer to screw around a bit, and in the interest of getting my actual live play skills to not be so awful. Might just have to learn to do my own intervals off an octave bend.

Have you thought about either filing grooves in the wheel at points of interest or giving the sharpie yet another use of marking pitch wheels. I know in low light that’s not an acceptable tactic. Filing would be like using frets on a guitar

A ribbon would be great for this. That’s one more reason I like my K2600XS even 'though it’s kinda old, two ribbons.

Those are actually rather good ideas. I’ll look into it! Thanks!