Assign MIDI channel in Yarns


Sorry to be a little off topic, but I just got yarns in the mail and popped it in a skiff to take over to a friend’s house. How do I assign midi channels 1 and 2 to in the 2P layout? I will read the manual completely later but a quick tip would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: :hugs:

YARNS - 1v/oct input in oscilator

2P is a 2-voice polyphonic layout. It responds to only one MIDI channel (set by the CH setting), and dispatches the received notes to the two pairs of CV/Gate outputs.


Eh I meant 2M :relaxed:


You select the first part (set PA to 1), then do the channel settings for the first part. Then you select the second part (set PA to 2) and edit the channel.


I’m on it, boss!


Well, I think I have a new favorite mutable module with Yarns.