Assembly hardware sourcing in the US

I’m not sure what the reason is and maybe it all comes down to searching the wrong key phrases but, I haven’t been able to find a US supplier for the ambika mechanical assembly. Specifically the spacers for the cards, motherboard. Does anyone have recommendations on where to look?

Search for the term “standoff” (one word). Both Digikey and Mouser carry a broad range, as do others I’m sure. Or were you talking about something else?

McMaster-Carr should have those as well. They’re US only, but I’ve only heard good stuff about them.

Here’s their metric standoffs page

McMaster-Carr is great. Although you don’t know the shipping until after you pay. Maybe if you call it’s different…not sure.

fastener front is where I buy everything but they dont sell singles

Thank you all! I was sweating this. Big help!